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Title Part No. Featured Image Description Manufacturer CLEI/HECI Available
TitleMOTOROLA BLE100K-GTXH-F-R Part No.BLE100K-GTXH-F-R Description -- ManufacturerMOTOROLA CLE/HECI -- Available --
TitleARRIS FM321G5J-L04ASA1N Part No.FM321G5J-L04ASA1N Description -- ManufacturerARRIS CLE/HECI -- Available2
TitleMOTOROLA MB100K-2GTXH-F-R Part No.MB100K-2GTXH-F-R Description -- ManufacturerMOTOROLA CLE/HECI -- Available --
TitleANTEC PS-3A Part No.PS-3A Description -- ManufacturerANTEC CLE/HECI -- Available3
TitleSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA 1122G41033100000 Part No.1122G41033100000 Description -- ManufacturerSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA CLE/HECI -- Available --
TitleGENERAL INSTRUMENT MPPS 60/90 MPPS 60/90 Part No.MPPS 60/90 Description -- ManufacturerGENERAL INSTRUMENT CLE/HECI -- Available3
TitleALPHA XM2-INV-36V XM2-INV-36V Part No.XM2-INV-36V Description -- ManufacturerALPHA CLE/HECI -- Available33
TitleALPHA XM2-915 Part No.XM2-915 ALPHA XM2-915 Thumbnail Description

Up for Sale is a genuine ALPHA XM2-915 unit. This ALPHA XM2-915 is in excellent condition and ready to be redeployed. All of our items go through an extensive testing and refurbishing process which ensures 100% satisfaction to our customers. If you have any questions please email us or use our live chat. A representative will respond quickly. The item you will be receiving will be labeled with part number XM2-915.

ManufacturerALPHA CLE/HECI -- Available26
TitleCISCO 1230G21032100000 Part No.1230G21032100000 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available4
TitleSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA 593020 593020 Part No.593020 Description -- ManufacturerSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA CLE/HECI -- Available801
TitleCISCO 1230G41032112000 Part No.1230G41032112000 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available4
TitleALPHA XM3-918-HP Part No.XM3-918-HP Description -- ManufacturerALPHA CLE/HECI -- Available --
TitleSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA 744160 Part No.744160 Description -- ManufacturerSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA CLE/HECI -- Available4
TitleSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA 1230841033300000 Part No.1230841033300000 Description -- ManufacturerSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA CLE/HECI -- Available18
TitleCISCO 800-4022846-01 Part No.800-4022846-01 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available13
TitleSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA 734771 734771 Part No.734771 Description -- ManufacturerSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA CLE/HECI -- Available90
TitleCISCO 1230G81034200000 Part No.1230G81034200000 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available3
TitleCISCO 1152G41033300000 Part No.1152G41033300000 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available9
TitleCISCO 800-593020-01 Part No.800-593020-01 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available44
TitleCISCO 800-734771-01 Part No.800-734771-01 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available20
TitleSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA 1230G41033300000 1230G41033300000 Part No.1230G41033300000 Description -- ManufacturerSCIENTIFIC ATLANTA CLE/HECI -- Available17
TitleCISCO 345G42321000000 Part No.345G42321000000 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available1
TitleCISCO 4013906.1570 XMTR Part No.4013906.1570 XMTR Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available1
TitleCISCO 4013900.1550 Part No.4013900.1550 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available1
TitleCISCO 4007501 Part No.4007501 Description -- ManufacturerCISCO CLE/HECI -- Available6